Gartconner Pupils

So this week we had our first of what is set to be regular catch ups with Mr Paul Manley, head teacher of Gartconner primary school, which is next to the former St Agatha’s primary that we will be developing in 2018.

Mr Manley was telling us that in actual fact, along time ago St Agatha’s used to be called Gartconner Primary, so as we didn’t know this every day really is a school day!

We even found an old picture of former pupils… there may be some Granny and Granda’s of current pupils in the picture!

It was great to catch up with Mr Manley, who was previously the head master of St Agatha’s and we have promised to keep in regular touch.

Once we we get to the stage of naming the new house types we will be asking previous pupils of St Agatha’s and current pupils of Gartconner to come up with some exciting and relevant names.

We have also offered to run some interesting projects with the current pupils and to support Gartconners PTA in any way we can.

So we look forward to developing the site and working closely with the school to not only ensure the safety of the children next door but to engage with the pupils and make them feel part of the process.

We will also give the children a priority look at the plans before they are released!

If you are interested in purchasing one of our lovely new homes please leave your details via the contact page.